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Hen Knitting Sweater by Matylda's Barn

Project: Hønsestrik Inspiration by Marianne Isager

Hi there! Long time no see, I know. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but in my defense, I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on. That’s why I didn’t write down anything about another knitting project I had finished – the Hen Knitting Sweater (as I call it). You can find the pattern…

Arrows Sweater by Åse Lund Jensen Knitted with Isager Spinni Yarn

Arrows Sweater (and My Love Letter to Isager and ÅLJ)

When I bought the wonderful book ÅLJ by Marianne Isager, I was instantly captivated with this lovely light sweater in blueish color. The book is celebrating the famous Danish knitwear designer Åse Lund Jensen who died way too early in 1977 and left her yarn business to the young and talented Marianne Isager who was…

Interesting sock cuffs

Is Sock Knitting Boring?

Honestly, I’m still sort of in between opinions. I haven’t knitted that many socks in my life. The pair I just finished was the first one I didn’t need any help with. It’s been many years since I knitted any socks and when I was younger, I really didn’t care for it that much. The…

Matylda's Barn Threipmuir Sweater

Threipmuir Sweater Story

It’s finished! I started making this beauty in November last year and managed to complete it a week ago (Ravelry project here). There were definitely some obstacles in the way. My yarn had a different weight than the recommended one – it was a bit lighter. I assumed I should knit the next size up…


Knitted Indigo Cowl

My most important project these days was a knitted cowl (Or a neck warmer? I honestly don’t know what the difference is. If you do, please comment.) for a friend. Some time ago, she fell in love with the color of the handspun yarn that was hand-dyed with indigo. I wanted to be extra careful…