Who’s Matylda?

Matylda was always a very funny sheep. My parents got her when my mom decided that she wants to create high quality yarn. The sheep we had until then were of an old local breed and their wool is not exactly what you would use for spinning yarn. Of course that didn’t stop my highly creative mom, who uses the itchy yarn for various purposes nevertheless. But eventually she also wanted merino sheep.

Matylda's Barn - our farm animals

So there came Matylda, the precious pure bred merino sheep. But she wasn’t “the sharpest sheep in the shed” – and I write that with love. She was much smaller than the other sheep, she made funny sounds and she was very very shy. Plus the other sheep looked down on her. They would push her away so she was usually hanging out alone hidden in the bushes.

Matylda the sheep
Matylda the sheep

I tried to win her over with some tasty apples and after a while, Matylda became more social. A lot of time had passed and Matylda is no longer the last one in the social sheep hierarchy. She became accepted by others. She’s still the only merino sheep my parents have so she maintains her unique value. But I still have a soft spot for her because of her rough beginnings 🙂

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