Sources and Recommendations

In this category you’ll find crochet and knitting books and other sources I recommend. I will gradually update this list.

Books I Recommend

  • The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches, Reader’s Digest 2003 – Over 900 of awesome stitches for knitting and crochet enthusiasts of every level.
  • Learn to Crochet, Sue Whiting, Creative Arts and Crafts – A great guide for beginners with a lot of instructional photos. Key techniques. 10 easy projects.
  • Super Stitches Crochet, Jennifer Campbell / Ann-Marie Bakewell, New York 2008 – Essential techniques plus a dictionary of more than 180 stitch patterns. Beginner friendly – there are awesome instructional pictures.
  • The Knitter’s Palette, Kate Haxell, Quid Publishing 2013 – A workbook of color and texture techniques and effects. – An interesting approach to knitting techniques. How to work with different colors to create awesome textures.
  • Knits at Home, Ruth Cross, 2013 – I love rustic designs. If you like natural colors and are looking to decorate your home, this is a wonderful sourcebook.

Web Sources

  • – Obviously. If you’re looking for patterns, this is the place to go.
  • – My favourite place to stack up on premium quality yarn. They also have a lot of free patterns, a lot of them beginner friendly.
  • – Etsy is great if you’re looking for a specific pattern or material.
  • – Another great source of premium quality yarn and patterns.


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