Is Sock Knitting Boring?

Honestly, I’m still sort of in between opinions. I haven’t knitted that many socks in my life. The pair I just finished was the first one I didn’t need any help with. It’s been many years since I knitted any socks and when I was younger, I really didn’t care for it that much. The pattern I used this time is called Sparrow, it’s designed by Gemma Atkinson and it can be found in the Rowan book Fine Art Collection that includes other gorgeous sock patterns by Marie Wallin or Martin Storey.


Knitting Socks
Sock knitting with five double pointed needles.

You can find my Ravelry project here:

I used Pandia’s Jewels hand-dyed sock yarn. I started knitting size 6-7 with 2 mm double pointed needles, but the sock was way too wide. So I decided to frog it and after some measuring I started knitting with 1,5 mm needles and I casted on 70 sts instead of 75. I adjusted the pattern two times after that as well. I think it really pays off if you customize your sock.

Interesting sock cuffs
The socks have interesting eyelet cuffs.

Knitting with five double pointed needles is probably the most annoying part about knitting socks. I never tried knitting socks using the magic loop method on circular needles yet, but recently I purchased new circulars by Addi that should do the trick (I don’t remember their name, but I know there’s “sock” mentioned). I’m planning to try them next time. Working with circular needles creates another problem though if the pattern works with the double pointed, but I assume that can be solved by adding stitch markers where the supposed needle begins and ends.

Hand knitted socks
The finished knitted socks.

How about you, do you like knitting socks? I know there’s a lot of people who love it and I kind of wonder why 😀 I mean, it’s a fun small project, but I could not start knitting another pair after I just finished one. It just feels a little bit exhausting to me 🙂

Knitted socks.


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  1. Amanda Bryant

    I don’t knit a lot of socks…I might’ve knitted a handful of pairs in my lifetime. I always enjoyed making the first one in a pair, but then felt overwhelmed with making the second one because it has to be identical to the first one. Maybe I should just make mismatched pairs? Lol

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    • Katerina @matyldasbarn

      Oh yes, the second sock syndrome is another annoying aspect of knitting socks 🙂 Apparently, there’s a method of knitting the two socks both at once, but I never tried that either. Looked a little bit too complicated to me. But maybe it’s not. Mismatched pairs could be fun and also would work well if you ever lost one during washing 😀

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      • Amanda Bryant

        I’ve never tried that method either. I don’t like complicated in knitting…I’m not too skilled in fixing mistakes in knitting. It’s much easier for me to frog an entire project than to rip back just a few rows and fix the mistake, lol. Much more proficient with crocheting!

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  2. tonymarkp

    I haven’t got bored with sock knitting, yet, going strong for almost 20 years! I’ve tried all kinds of ways to knit them, too. My tool of choice is the 7″ minicircular and finish off the toe (if I knit them cuff-down) with a magic loop. I think everyone might have their thing for small projects, whether they be scarves, hats, socks, mittens, etc. My thing is definitely a pair of socks.

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      • tonymarkp

        I have lots! I don’t prefer anything. I am the Switzerland of the toe-up and the cuff-down. Usually I alternate. One pair toe-up, then another cuff-down, and on and on. I have to admit though that I prefer toe-up for self-striping yarn. I don’t know if I’m patient. I started using minicircs to knit them faster!

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  3. Kat L.

    I like knitting socks, but not always. I guess I need to be in sock mood 😉 If I knit them without really feeling like it, I get bored very fast – otherwise I’m perfectly happy knitting socks. I knit with 4 DPNs and I prefer wooden ones, since they are less slippery, although some of thinner wooden needles are not too sturdy.

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