My Fibreshare Experience

Earlier this year I decided to sign up for Fibreshare, which is basically an organized international yarn swap “(…)with a focus on fostering connections beyond the screen while contributing to the growth of the Fibre-community”. I guess my expectations were set pretty high because in the past I have seen these lovely yarn packages on Instagram and people gushing about making new fibre besties. This is not to say, that I was  disappointed with the outcome. I loved my Fibreshare experience. Some things were just a little bit different than I expected!

First I got the ever exciting email with the information about my assigned partners. Well, actually, there was mostly information about the partner to which I was going to send the package to. At that point, I got quite excited because the person seemed interesting and had a similar taste in yarn. Both of my Fibreshare partners started following me on Instagram right away so I guess I was lucky in that area as well. To me, what was a little bit disappointing about the whole thing was that the conversation or interaction between me and my partners never really went any further than a couple of formal emails. I did try, but I had the sense that my partners didn’t really entered this swap to foster some meaningful connections. Maybe the age difference played some role in this, I really don’t know.

I enjoyed putting together the package though. Based on my partner’s Instagram and what she wrote about herself, I had put together a special luxury blend of natural alpaca, silk and merino wool. I had spun this into a fingering weight yarn. She said she prefers natural fibres in neutral colors so I was hoping this would work well for her.

A luxury blend of alpaca fibre, silk and merino wool.
A luxury blend of alpaca fibre, silk and merino wool.
Handspun yarn
Handspun yarn.
The finished product.
And the final skein of yarn!

The package I sent consisted of Scandinavian yarns, one Brittish yarn and a few little gifts.

Matylda's Barn Fibreshare package

My receiving partner posted on Instagram right away after she received the package and she loved it. That was great 🙂

When I received my package, I was quite surprised with the content. My other partner’s Instagram was not revealing anything about her yarn tastes, so I really had no idea what was going to arrive. I was very pleasantly surprised with four really lovely hand-dyed yarn skeins, packed in a beautiful canvas bag handmade in Alaska. I’m still quite floored by that. Of course, I rushed to thank my partner and tell her how much I loved the package – in an email and in an IG post where I tagged her. Guess what. Zero response!

I’m not angry or anything, I just really don’t get it. Wouldn’t you be glad that your yarn swap partner loved your definitely-not-cheap-actually-probably-super-expensive package and respond…something? Maybe I’m just from a different planet 😊

Fibreshare package
Fibreshare package




All in all, I did enjoy my Fibreshare experience. Was it different than what I expected? Yes.

I didn’t expect much from the actual package, but I thought there would be a lot more communication.

Am I gonna sign up again? Yes 😊



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  1. Mags

    I also signed up for this round of fibreshare, and like you, had high expectations of the whole ‘fibre besties’ part. My 2 partners were lovely enough, but we didn’t engage in as much chat as I would have liked. Still waiting to receive my package too…

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  2. Mihaela

    I’ve done it twice. The first time I did not receive anything and had to contact the organizers to send me a replacement package. That was amazing though! They even sent me a little weaving tool, so I tried some weaving :)) We followed each other Instagram, but not much further communication. The second time I personally wrote emails to both ladies, but again it did not go very further in communication. I received a gorgeous package from New Zealand and she was so nice to respond to the post where I tagged her. I got tagged both of the times when the packages I sent were received and I responded. 🙂 But I have some nicer friendships with ladies from Instagram without Fibreshare. Anyway, I am happy either way:))

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    • Katerina @matyldasbarn

      Yes, it’s a nice yarn swap event even if it doesn’t lead to some great friendships 🙂 I’m glad to hear you were happy even with the replacement package.
      I think maybe a lot of the yarn people are quite introverted and don’t necessarely want to talk that much 😀

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  3. Gail

    I have to agree with your expeience….some similarities…I did get replies from each of my partners and replied when packages were received. I was matched quite well with our fiber interests…and have been impressed by this feat each time. The thing that stands out for me, and why I believe I’ve not made the buddies I’d hoped for, is that we don’t share much more than our fiber interests. In my 4 rounds I’ve only met one person who I share more values, interests, etc. this is not a criticism of the organizers. It is just an observation of their approach. The emphasis is matching fiber interests rather than interpersonal. I do love the program, but I must say, your article makes me think of other ways this could be done and what I might be looking for (or attempt) in the future!

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    • Katerina @matyldasbarn

      I think it’s certainly interesting to be part of this event. I’m sure it’s very difficult for the organizers to match everyone with their appropriate partners. But I still wonder if maybe now when there’s more people participating than ever they could go a bit further with the matching criteria.

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  4. Carole Woodruff

    This was my first experience with Fibreshare, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I enjoyed the interchange & received a very generous parcel. I have comminicated with both my partners, but they are busy young working women, so I gather they do not have the same time as I do to keep up the communication. This is a little disappointing to me as I am anxious to meet new people across the country too. So this time, age bracket has made a difference! Kudos to the organizers though for a tremendous effort towards a great idea!

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    • Katerina @matyldasbarn

      All in all, I think we’re quite lucky with our Fibreshare experiences 🙂 I received some very unique yarns that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. I’m hoping next time maybe I’ll be paired with someone who has more similar interests and is keen to make a friend.

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  5. Emma

    Oh this bag looks wonderful ❤ maybe she didn't see you messages? I would definitely want to make some kind of connection too through an experience like that, hopefully next time!

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    • Katerina @matyldasbarn

      Yes, I love the bag as well 🙂 It’s unlikely that she didn’t see it, I think she just didn’t think it was necessary to reply and I don’t blame her. Everybody is different and everyone acts differently on the internet as well. I noticed a lot of people don’t think it’s necessary to reply to online question, while in real life that would be considered rude. In online life, you can always find some sort of excuse why not to 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • Emma

        I never thought of it this way, maybe because I don’t make much difference between “real” people and online people. Also I’m very chatty so I can’t let go an occasion to talk to people, online or in real life 😊

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