Threipmuir Sweater Story

It’s finished! I started making this beauty in November last year and managed to complete it a week ago (Ravelry project here). There were definitely some obstacles in the way. My yarn had a different weight than the recommended one – it was a bit lighter. I assumed I should knit the next size up (L), but that did not turn out to be a good idea. I guess if you use the recommended needle size, the result can be very much the same as if you used the intended yarn. That is if the weight of the yarn isn’t too much off. I was using Holst Garn Supersoft (1.76 ounces per 314 yards / 50 grams per 287 m) while the recommended S Twist Wool is 3.53 ounces per 437 yards / 100 grams per 400 m, so I was basically off by 87 m which seemed like quite a bit to me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that meant that the finished sweater would be smaller in size than it would be with the heavier yarn. So I was gonna compensate for it by sizing up. The finished large-sized garment was huge though! The body part was ridiculously big and the sleeves were way too long. I think if I made a dress out of it and wear it with a belt, it would look ok. But I’m not used to wear dresses that much and if I do, it’s in the summer – so no knitwear kind of stuff.

Matylda's Barn Threipmuir Sweater

So I made the painful decision that every knitter dreads and decided to frog the body part right up to the end of the colorful yoke. I also frogged parts of the sleeves to make them shorter. Did I mention the yarn was fingering weight? Looots of frogging 😀 Oh well. I knitted the rows in the bust area without any substantial decreasing. Then I started decreasing by 2 stitches on each side once in every 4th or 5th row about 4 or 5 times (I swear I never write anything down – insert an eye-rolling smiley face here). I knitted the body part a lot longer than the pattern suggested and didn’t increase for the hip area. I must say, I find it a bit strange that there was no decreasing mentioned in the pattern for the part following the bust area. I corrected the sleeves and then proceeded to add the neck band. I picked up the stitches and knitted the suggested rib for 5 rounds. I needed to cast off loosely because the hole for the head was surprisingly very small. I didn’t like how the finished neckband looked though, so I added another 5 rounds, folded it and attached it by sewing. I’m quite happy with the result now.

Lesson learnt – sizing up is not always the solution to a yarn problem.

Matylda's Barn Threipmuir Sweater

Matylda's Barn Threipmuir Sweater


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  1. Emma

    Again, it looks wonderful! to avoid issues with size when I’m changing yarn I normally swatch and adjust the numbers based on my swatch gauge 🙂 It’s a bit of work but it normally works out better than having to frog

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