The Spring is Coming to the Farm

Lately the weather was a little bit crazy. First it was snowing all the time, then it got very warm. And that’s when the first lambs were born.

Matylda's Barn - Sheep love
Motherly love

This little girl is so cute and lively! She follows her mother everywhere. I really love the photo above, I think I managed to capture the amazing motherly bond between them.

Matylda's Barn - Sheep love
So soft and cute!

The little lamb girl has a brother who’s quite a bit different. He is a lot less lively and keeps looking for food. My parents have to feed him seperately, because the sheep mother doesn’t have enough milk for both od them. This makes him very curious of people because he always suspects we have more milk for him.

Matylda's Barn - Sheep love
Oh hi, what have you got there?!
Matylda's Barn - Sheep love

Matylda's Barn - Sheep love

We also have new baby goats! They are just as cute, but harder for me to capture with my camera. They keep hopping around and it’s a little bit dark in the barn we keep them in for now. It’s too cold for them outside at the moment.

Matylda's Barn - baby goats

I’ll finish this article with a picture of how lovely the weather was in here.

Matylda's Barn - baby goats



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