Knitted Indigo Cowl

My most important project these days was a knitted cowl (Or a neck warmer? I honestly don’t know what the difference is. If you do, please comment.) for a friend. Some time ago, she fell in love with the color of the handspun yarn that was hand-dyed with indigo.

Handspun, naturally dyed yarn by Matylda's Barn

I wanted to be extra careful with how I use this yarn, which is precious for me for many reasons. So I knitted a gauge swatch first. I knitted a piece that was approximately 10 by 10 cm (4” by 4”) and I counted the stitches and rows. Then I measured how long I want the cowl to be, which came to around 57 cm (22.4”). Thanks to the swatch I could calculate how many stitches I need to cast on.

I decided that moss stitch would be perfect for this simple design. At first I wanted to crochet the cowl, but that would require a lot more of the yarn which I didn’t want to waste away like that. I also needed to make sure I had enough of it.

The gauge swatch
The gauge swatch

When I reached the middle of the future cowl, I started to decrease evenly. My friend wanted the cowl to be more fitted, but also to have a nice layered “drapery effect”, which is what I tried to achieve by decreasing every few rounds when knitting the top half.

The knitted cowl
The knitted cowl

I tried the cowl on and I was very tempted to keep it. After all, it matches my coat 🙂

Knitted Indigo Cowl by Matylda's Barn
Knitted Indigo Cowl



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