I joined the Kalevala CAL! And it’s beautiful…

…It really is 🙂 Apparently, Finland is celebrating 100 years of the country’s existence. The Kalevala crochet along is a gift to tribute Finland’s centenary. Many talented crochet designers joined together to create a blanket project, that crocheters from all around the world can enjoy. New granny squares are published on a weekly basis. There’s an Instagram and several Facebook pages dedicated to this.

I personally always adored scandinavian design and art. I even attended some university classes that were about painters and other artists inspired by the Kalevala epic. I have a Finnish language textbook in my library as well as a very old treasured print of Kalevala, that my grandma gave me. So naturally, I was very excited to read about the Kalevala CAL on the blogosphere.

So far I only did one granny square and I chose to start with the Ahto (n.8), which is supposed to represent an infinite ocean. I didn’t block it yet, so what you see is not the end result. I fell in love with this design the first time I saw it. This blanket will definitely be a keeper! 🙂

I started working on another granny square and had it almost done, when I realized I made a mistake in the very beginning. Man, I was mad! Back to square one, haha.

I’m using my own handspun merino yarn. I’m afraid the game of yarn chicken will be played later on.

You can read about the project and find the free pattern here: http://www.arteeni.fi/kalevalacal-en

What do you think of this project? Will you join? 🙂

Kalevala CAL by Matylda's Barn
Kalevala CAL crocheted by Matylda’s Barn
Kalevala CAL crocheted by Matylda's Barn
Ahto granny square – Kalevala CAL crocheted by Matylda’s Barn




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    • Katerina @matyldasbarn

      Thank you 🙂 I’m already behind, but since the final product looks so beautiful (see the link), I want to make it anyway. I’m probably not gonna catch up that easily, because I do struggle with some stitches that are new to me.


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