Starry Eyed Owl Crochet Pattern

Lately I’ve been jumping from one craft activity to another. I have way too many projects going on at once plus I’m going to work every day as well. Still doesn’t stop me from adding more projects to my basket(s), arrggh 🙂

This owl was one of those spur of the moment projects, when I suddenly wanted to design another amigurumi toy and decided to try to make an owl. The first draft was quite a bit different, there was no starry eyes. The eyes just resulted from trying out 8 different eyes and comparing them together. I think the star shape makes the owl quite unique 🙂

The pattern is now available on Ravelry, but I would welcome any pattern testers. As a tester you would obviously receive the pattern for free under few conditions. Don’t hesitate to contact me for details!

Amigurumi owl by Matylda's Barn
The starry eyed crochet owl with some fall leaves I found during yesterday’s walk in the forest.
This is my official description for the pattern:

Enjoy creating this cute little owl in pastel colors! I would call this a sort of “hygge project” as it requires some patience sewing on the parts and adding some playful embroidery. But it doesn’t take a long time to make, because the owl is small in size. Working with pretty scandinavian colors can bring you relaxation and wash your worries away.
The crochet and embroidery is basic and requires some experience.
The starry eyes and some stylization make this owl unique and interesting. It could be a very nice birthday or Christmas gift to a friend or children.
The toy is safe for babies as it doesn’t have any parts that are dangerous.

Size: 14,5cm tall, 13cm wide, 9cm long.

You ARE ALLOWED to sell items based on Matylda’s Barn patterns as long as they are sold as single items or per order.


  • 1 ball of yarn (50g) of each: Drops ♥You 7 Uni Colour (Colors 04, 03, 13), Drops ♥You 6 Recycled Cotton (Color 103) NOTE: You’re gonna use only a little bit of each ball of yarn
  • Crochet hook 3 or 2,75 mm
  • Embroidery or bigger tapestry needle
  • Stuffed animal filling

Stitches you need to know:

  • single crochet
  • slip stitch
  • chain stitch
  • increase and decrease
  • adjustable ring / magic ring

The Drops yarn could be obviously substituted for another type of cotton yarn. Just look for yarn that’s meant for crochet hook size 2,75 or 3 mm.

Anyway, what do you think of the owl? Would you do something differently? Do you like the color scheme? …

Amigurumi owl


Amigurumi owl


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