Silk and Merino Mix Scarf in Purple

One of the projects I’ve been working on lately was a knitted scarf in purple and white. I used two handspun yarns. One of them was a mix of naturally dyed purple merino wool and pretty white silk. This yarn was a two-ply, woolen.

Silk and merino wool mix
Carding silk and merino wool mix
Silk and merino wool mix
Silk and merino wool mix yarn – single, woolen technique.

I loved how shiny the yarn was thanks to the added silk. I thought it looked like a yarn that you could make a magician’s cloak with 😀 But I didn’t have that much of it as I’ve soon discovered. I decided to ply it to give it more strength and durability, which obviously decreased the yardage.

Knitting handspun merino-silk yarn
Knitting of the handspun merino-silk yarn.

I started knitting a wider scarf, but I soon realized that it’s just not gonna cut it. So I had to combine it with another yarn. I thought a handspun silk yarn would match it quite nicely.

Knitting handspun merino-silk yarn

I was knitting random strips, changing between the merino mix and pure silk. I used different versions of drop stitch for the pure silk parts.

Scarf in purple and white
Scarf in purple and white


Sewing the ends in was a nightmare. But when is it not, right? 😀 This was a bit worse because hiding the silk ends was quite the challenge. But the scarf survived handwashing just fine.

I think the scarf has an interesting structure, especially when you put it around your neck. It forms these “sausages”, which makes it look more like a big necklace than a scarf. Or maybe it’s just my imagination?! 😀





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