A Beautiful Country House Full of Crafts

Not a long time ago I was lucky to visit a beautiful country home full of old crafts. The building is a lovely example of traditional czech farmhouse. It’s owned by a very talented craft artist Lenka Limova and her husband. There are vintage spinning wheels literally in every room! Lenka mostly spends her time weaving though. She creates her own linen fiber from flax. Her other hobbies include felting, knitting, bobbin lace, sprang and other. Last but not least, she has a great home decorating taste.

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoyed my visit.

Czech Republic countryside South Bohemia
The countryside near the house is quite pretty. (Shot from the car.)
A beautiful example of a traditional czech farmhouse.
Traditional czech farmhouse
As if you found yourself more than a hundred years back in time.
Traditional czech country house window
Even the windows have tons of character.
Traditional czech country house window
Yes I really did love the windows .)
Traditional czech country house
This house if full of life – you can run into five very cute and cuddly dogs. You just have to watch your step a little bit 🙂 (Notice the amazing wooden chest.)
Traditional czech country house decor
As you enter the house, you’ll notice so many beautiful things that say a lot about the owners’ taste.
Traditional czech country house kitchen
I absolutely adore the kitchen and the living space. The red color might be a bit agressive elsewhere, here it just adds so much character and warmth!
Traditional czech country house kitchen
Traditional czech country house kitchen
Traditional czech country house kitchen
We had a very tasty gluten free pumpkin cheesecake and amazing coffee. Could not have asked for more! 🙂

Czech country house dining

Old czech country house living
A vintage spinning wheel in every corner.
Everything was carefully watched by the dogs, who were patiently waiting for someone to pet them.
A craft room
This craft room is a dream of every weaver (or spinner).
Old spinning wheels
All those spinning wheels, oh my oh my!
Linen goodness.
Spinning linen
Handspun linen.
Patient dog
I swear this dog was the most patient one of them all.
Handwoven textiles
Handwoven fabrics by Lenka Limova
Embellishment from fish scales
Embellishment from fish scales
Hand weaving
I even got to try out some weaving!
Woven fabrics
I loved all the details.
Woven fabric
The dogs loved it too.
Czech traditional country house
It was all very beautiful.

If you would like to know more about Lenka Limova or maybe even contact her, be sure to visit her website: http://limova-tvorba.webnode.cz/





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